Swisspers Sleep Naked "Face-Off!"

This time, it's blondes vs. brunettes.

Congrats Dani Jonas!
You (and your charity) got the most pledges,
and we finally settled the score between blondes and brunettes.
You’re proof that Sleeping Naked with Swisspers® is the best way to stay beautiful.
It's National Sleep Naked Night, a night celebrating one of the best things you can do for your skin. You helped Dani win $7,500 for her charity. Now let’s party! Tweet your beauty questions to Dani below for your chance to have it answered live. And who knows, you might win a few fun prizes.
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Sleep Naked
Sleeping naked (without makeup) is one of the
best things you can do for your skin.
But getting your skin completely naked requires more than just a washcloth.
You need Swisspers® 100% cotton rounds,
a good makeup remover and the proper skin care regimen to
slug it out against pore-clogging makeup, dirt and grime.

So take it all off with a Swisspers round, and sleep
naked for better skin.